Who is THAT Group?

The Director decided to dismiss four long time volunteers in November 2012, after speaking out regarding conditions at the RC shelter and the increased killing of treatable animals. THAT Group is now made up of former and current RC shelter volunteers, citizens, and animal advocates all over the country. 


We are dedicated to advocating for shelter reform, and believe that starting at a local level and with a grassroots movement is the key to educating and enacting change. 

Many people ask us how the name THAT Group came about?  It is a take on a comment that was made by the current Director of the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care and Adoption Center, after a group of concerned volunteers spoke out at a City Council Meeting in June 2012. The Director cornered a volunteer at the shelter and said to them, "I can't believe you were at that meeting with that group". And that is how THAT Group was born. The volunteers took the derogatory phrase, and turned it into something powerful.


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