The Lucky Ones

The slideshow on the right showcases just a few on the dogs who were saved from the Rancho Cucamonga Animal shelter by members of THAT Group during their volunteer service and even after being dismissed. All the dogs seen here were at risk of being killed, some just days away. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the all the animals that were helped by the dismissed RCAC volunteers (and a few of the current ones that are hanging on). Dozens of adoption videos were filmed, and many dogs got enrichment through walks, playgroups and kennel enrichment; as well as networking with several rescues, who the RCAC no longer works with. Instead of embracing these hardworking and knowledgeable volunteers, Director Veronica Fincher and her management team decided they were a nuisance and chose to dismiss them. Dozens of wonderful animals have paid the price with their lives, and the dog walking and socialization programs are a shell of what they once were. 

Dear Mayor and City Council Members,

I want an animal shelter Director and Management team that will achieve "No Kill" today, not 5 years from now. Not one who uses the same tired rhetoric of finding every "adoptable" animal a home, because all the shelter has to do is deem an animal "unadoptable" to justify killing it. It is your responsibility to implement the polices and procedures that will ensure that EVERY treatable animal is being cared for and worked with, regardless of who is Director. This is what the tax paying residents expect.

I want a shelter management team who will embrace and encourage volunteers and outside the box thinking. It is not right to make volunteers jump through hoops and wait months in order to be able to help the animals. I want a shelter that is transparent and accountable in their record keeping, and who will not redact records when they are requested by taxpaying citizens. 

I want the dismissed volunteers reinstated. It is not okay for volunteers or employees to be in fear of being forced to leave if they speak critically of the shelter, or seeing the animals they work with killed out of retaliation. Volunteers are free labor, and the shelter leadership should embrace EVERY individual who wants to offer their help to the animals. 

The actions by shelter management over the last several years have shown that the shelter is not thriving for the animals. If the Director has failed to bring the shelter closer to "No kill", then why is she still in this position? As a constituent of this fair city, I want this council and City Manager to work towards making the necessary policy and personnel changes that will make the shelter successful and a model for other communities. Thank you.

Please don't forget us. Ever. 

In Memoriam 

​Just a few of the beautiful animals who were failed by the RCAC

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How You Can Help!            

Please copy and paste the following letter to the Mayor and City Council, telling them you want a new Director and Management staff that will stop the unnecessary killing of healthy and treatable animals. Feel free to add your own thoughts and experiences as well.

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